Uber Launch Team: Start-up worlds SEAL Team Six.


We’ve been REALLY freaking busy at Uber. In the last few weeks we launched LA & Toronto, rocked SXSW w/ BBQ and now we’re in London & Paris doing some hard core recruiting for our Europe domination plans. Back in Feb, we announced a $39MM Series B that will help us rapidly role out up to 25 cities in the next 14 months or so. Late last year we helped with transportation for charity:water at their holiday ball in NYC. And before that held our Uber launch in the nations capitol, DC. In short, Uber is firing on all cylinders.

But there is an enormous challenge ahead of us. Thinking globally, there are so many cities that sorely need a transportation system that actually brings delight to it’s users. Uber’s combination of efficiency, elegance, and simplicity do just that, and I’m probably most excited to build the team that delivers said delight.

In the US we’ve got a crack squad of hustlers on our launch team (which we’re still hiring for). This team consistently bites off more than they can chew, and consistently surprises our team and even themselves. The growth isn’t slowing down and we’re looking for more of these brave souls.

This is the start-up equivalent of SEAL Team Six (the SEAL on the left, not the seal on the right, the team that took down Bin Laden, the best of the best!). Our launch team is the special missions unit that takes on new cities, new product roll outs, and strategic growth projects (like SXSW) for what is one of the most operationally complex businesses out there.

As I started reading more about SEAL Team Six, I checked out what Wikipedia said:

On certain operations small teams from SEAL Team Six were tasked with covertly infiltrating international hot spots in order to carry out reconnaissance or security assessments.

“Covertly infiltrating hot spots”. “Security assessments of US bases”. This is Uber’s launch team. A well trained, well rounded, complimentary team of bad asses who will not only help expand Uber’s dominance, but will also hold a high standard for existing markets and help to test and improve our operations.

Take Paris for example: Our team took a matter of weeks (2.5 to be exact) to dig in, learn where Paris needed Uber most, infiltrate the market and understand who the main players were. Then plan a multi faceted attack/deployment of marketing, supply operations, and  support. The environment wasn’t perfect, but the goal was clear and they killed it. We executed a very successful Paris launch for Le Web that marked day 1 of Uber Europe.

So what does it take to be a part of this team? With an entrepreneurial optimism, and the aid of our launch playbook a *Launcher*, as we call them, partners with a fresh city lead (GM) to roll out a transportation system. No small task. It’s safe to say that if you’re not a slight workaholic with a flair for calculated risk taking, you need not apply.

Being analytical and strategic with a bias towards data is a baseline, and practically a must-have to fit in with our team. With our intensity towards rolling out a local solution, it’s critical to enjoy digging into the culture of city and understanding it’s needs. You must be insightful in order to understand a cities transportation dynamics, and creative to  reach the ‘influencers’ within a market; it’s them who will evangelize Uber’s growth.

Finally, the launcher has to be ready for an adventure. You’ll spend most of your time on the road and need to be comfortable with an eat, sleep, breath Uber mentality. But, you’ll come out of this experience with a ground up understanding of Uber and a fast growing startup operate…you will be ready to dominate. You’ll be fearless in almost any business endeavor. You’ll develop a new understanding of execution, and will truly be one of the best.

Come join Uber.

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